About the project

  • Data: Dezembro, 2021
  • Cliente: Filstone - Comércio de Rochas, S.A
  • Categoria:
  • Localização: Casal Farto, Fátima
Support for the development of construction in massive stone, a natural and local material. The project involves a multidisciplinary team of different entities to support the project development, Natura Matéria, Iteconst and NCREP.


The project is in the prototyping phase and is scheduled the construction of a model house in massive stone blocks with about 80 m2.

In the prototype design, the following aspects related to aesthetics, sustainability, performance and construction economy were considered:

– a construction system of rapid assembly and compatible with an industrial-scale development solving structural and seismic issues using the stone and its properties as much as possible (e.g. avoiding metal reinforcements and concrete whenever possible);

– respect the principles of bioclimatic architecture;

– use the thermal inertia of stone as a passive regulator of interior thermal comfort;

– use of the stereotomy and value the massification and verticality of the stone elements;

– use the hygrothermal properties of the stone as a passive regulator of the moisture amount in the dwelling;

– use the passive trombe wall system for heating, cooling and ventilation;

– use materials that are preferably natural or of low environmental impact.

Natura Matéria contributed to the development of construction in massive stone through technical studies, calculations, reports, decision-making assistance, help in structuring studies, development of decision aid tool. It also played a major role in the connection between entities involved in the project.

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