About the project

  • Data: Fevereiro, 2021
  • Cliente: Rute Eires, PT
  • Categoria:
  • Localização: Selho S. Lourenço, Guimarães
Recovery of old mill probably from the medieval era or modern age, whose dwelling on the upper floor will have been built in 1928 and was in a degradation state.

Type of intervention

Due to the constraints of maintaining the construction area, only 35 m2, and the facades, the dwelling was rebuilt based on the existing one. However, the design concept was to maintain a commitment between the ancient and the contemporary, both in construction techniques and architecture details. The choice for the use of natural materials and construction technologies based on traditional techniques had an influence on architecture, having been considered since the project beginning.

In this way, it was possible to build with walls of reduced thickness, but maintaining a good performance. The wooden structure and “taipa de fasquio” (a Portuguese technique similar to wattle and daub) are still present, but in a more contemporary way. The use of light industrial hemp concrete, selected for the excellent thermal and acoustic comfort it provides, has a strong presence in the house, keeping in sight on some walls and ceiling cladding.

Natura Matéria acted as a kind of coaching in natural construction, facilitating the design of construction details, interconnection with specialties, acquisition of materials, preparation of hemp concrete on site and monitoring of the entire construction.

List of some of materials used:

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