Hemp Blocks

The hemp block is composed of hemp hurds selected for construction and a mixture of lime and pozzolans. The product is shaped, pressed and subsequently naturally cured outdoors.

Hemp blocks can be used for thermal, water and acoustic regulation in new constructions (without structural function) and renovation of interiors and exteriors.

The different thicknesses of the proposed blocks make it possible to meet the various needs and challenges of regulation and thermal comfort, typically with thicknesses greater than 200 mm.

Field of Application:

They are applied in the form of masonry for filling structures, enveloping buildings or as partitions or insulation of floors. The installation is quick and easy allowing you to quickly close the building.

The blocks are glued with a compatible mortar in thicknesses of about 3 mm. For more details, see the hemp block installation guide.

Features and Dimensions:

Hemp blocks have a colour ranging from beige and grey with a porous surface, which is highly suitable for easy application of the external and internal coating, ensuring an effective adhesion of the mortar to the support.

Length: 50 cm

Height: 25 e 30 cm

Thicknesses: 12, 20, 25 and 30 cm (other thicknesses on consultation)


Storage should be done on a flat surface, shelter from rain and in a well-ventilated area.


Masonry surface according to m2 surface to insulate, plus 5% extra cuts.

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