Who we are

NATURA MATÉRIA is spinoff of the University of Minho and has the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and architects with extensive experience in their research areas.

The goal is to transform the generated knowledge in research and development in response to specific projects.

Thus, in this context, NATURA MATÉRIA is a company that provides consulting services and sells construction products that respect the new market requirements, in terms of sustainability, based on the concept of circular economy and healthy housing.

The priority is to stimulate a culture of innovation in modern architecture, at the level of projects and construction works, using natural or recycled materials, with low environmental impact.


"Spin-off" brand

This brand represents the transfer of knowledge generated within the University of Minho through the exercise of an economic activity with high growth potential.
It is represented by the symbol of the rectory, Hyacinths in silver, and by the symbol of entrepreneurship, the Spiral.
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