Natura Matéria’s consulting services are addressed to private clients and project offices who wish to:

  • environmentally responsible products and constructive solutions and provide comfort, health and economy;
  • application of new sustainable construction technologies appropriate to each project and work;
  • local production of building materials.

Private clients

Do you want to build a house or other building in a sustainable and natural way?

We help you realize your idea with the following services:

  • Bring together the architectural and engineering designers who best adapt to the idea;
  • Offer of innovative and different construction materials/products from conventional ones (see bio-construction);
  • Manufacture/ sale of products mostly of natural origin and produced in Portugal (see in Products);
  • Possibility of materials preparation on site which facilitates the use of local materials and greater capacity to produce solutions adapted to the work construction;
  • Training and supervision of the construction.

Some of the added value of our services:

  • Saving time and costs;
  • Be sure that the solution to be adopted can be implemented and without additional costs beyond those foreseen;
  • Enjoy a construction that provides a healthier and more sustainable habitat.


Do you have a client who wants to use materials or bio-construction techniques and you need support in the design of your project?

We help to realize your idea with a consultancy to support the architecture/engineering project with the collaboration of specialized professionals, namely:

  • careful use of materials – opting for more sustainable and natural materials can reduce negative health effects, minimize waste, reduce incorporated energy and eliminate other impacts derived from construction. Materials such as timber, earth, industrial hemp, etc. (learn more in bio-construction);
  • use of passive solar technologies – these make buildings more comfortable and reduce energy consumption, by taking full advantage of natural heating and cooling techniques such as trombe walls, greenhouses, conduit systems buried underground, etc. (learn more in bio-construction);
  • possibility of developing materials adapted to the work construction;

General Technical Assistance to the Project

  • In the adequacy and definition of constructive solutions that meet the objectives of architectural project and budget expectations, in coordination with the designers of specialties.
  • Coordination of other specialties, ensuring the compatibility of the solutions of specialties projects and architecture.

Specific Technical Assistance to Work Construction

  • Supervision during the execution of the works;
  • In the analysis of proposals for the execution of the works.
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