Jute Net

Natural material and weaved in Portugal

Field of Application

Reinforcement for traditional clay and/or lime based mortars. Reinforces their stability and increases the cracking resistance of thick coatings (min 10 mm) of interior walls, heterogeneous substrates and in areas to be plastered that are not compatible, such as wood. For interior use only.

Features and Dimensions

Jute yarn fabric with warp / weft approx. 21/22 yarns / 10 cm, weft opening approx. 4.0×4.2 mm (±9%).

In rolls. Width of surface reinforcement 100 cm, length 50 m. Other sizes on request subject to minimum quantity


Store in a dry place on a pallet, protected from moisture. Under these conditions, the jute fabric rolls can be stored for an unlimited period.


Surface reinforcement according to m2 of surface to be coated, plus 5% extra for cuts and overlaps.

For more information see specification sheet.

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