Hemp Shives

KANABAT hemp granulate is obtained by mechanical defibration of industrial hemp straw, also called hemp shavings, which are particles constituting the central, soft part of the hemp stalk.

After defibration, the particles making up the shives are pulverised and sieved according to the desired applications: for wet-process building applications, the desired particle size can only be obtained after selecting and sorting the particles.

Its use must comply with the Professional Standards for carrying out work on hempcrete in force for each type of application.

Field of Application:

The shives can be applied, when mixed with binders and if necessary additives and water, for wall, floor and roof insulation as well as plasters.

It is essential to follow the mixing recommendations provided by the binder supplier: (volumes, mixing order, conditions, possible additives).

KANABAT must not be used for purposes other than those related to the construction sector.

It is not recommended to use KANABAT in a dry process, therefore without mixing it with a binder: in addition to the lack of fire resistance in the raw state, there are possibilities of moisture absorption and the development of mould or insects..

Equipamentos de mistura:

The product is manufactured on site using a mixing machine. It is then moulded into formwork and cured naturally.

By using a horizontal drum mixer the mixing process is faster and more efficient allowing for greater cost savings.

Features and Dimensions:

Chip moisture content <19%, cane moisture content measured each time the chip batch is changed.

Controlled and constant particle size, 0-25 mm, and dust rate passing through a 0.25 mm sieve, less than 2%, the result of a combined continuous suction and sieving process.


Store protected from bad weather (wind, humidity, etc.) and do not expose to the sun.


It varies depending on the type of application. For reference in walls it is considered 105-120 kg/m3.

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