Hemp Wool

Ecological and healthy insulation, 100% hemp fibre, with good thermal and acoustic properties.

Its composition is 85% hemp fibre and 15% stable, non-emissive synthetic binder.

Field of application:

Insulation panels can be used instead of traditional mineral wool in roofs, attics, floors, etc.

Cutting tools:

The best cutting tools are an angle grinder, a circular saw and a long serrated blade. Installation does not cause skin irritation.

Features and Dimensions:

The panels are easy to install and have excellent thermal and acoustic performance, vapour permeability, natural resistance to pests, mechanical strength without deformation or settling during installation.

The density is 25kg/m3.

The panels are 120×60 cm, with various thicknesses of 45, 60, 80, 100, 120, 145, 160, 180 and 200 mm. Consult the thicknesses available in Portugal.


Product delivered in its original packaging. Store in a closed, dry place.


The insulation must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s “Installation Manual and Guide”. Measure the distance between the joists, then cut the strips adding 2 cm to the width to allow for compression installation. The insulation panels can be stapled at the ends to the wooden beams.

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