About the project

  • Data: Março, 2021
  • Cliente: Cânhamor, LDA, PT
  • Categoria:
  • Localização: Colos, Odemira
Research and development of the production process of ecological light concrete blocks based on pozzolans and lime and stem of crushed industrial hemp.


The massive block developed after a investigation phase, involving various mixtures and production processes, is in production and constitutes an alternative building solution to existing solutions less sustainable for applications in partition and exterior walls, without the application of thermal insulation in the case of exterior walls.

The “standard” shape of the 50×25 cm block, with a maximum weight of about 15 kg in the thickness of 30 cm in equilibrium humidity, makes the block light to handle repeatedly.

The pozzolans in combination with lime promote a hydraulic reaction that gives the block unique properties resistance and thermal performance, which will be enhanced with time.

Natura Matéria worked in the development of the production process, formulations, construction system, etc., and currently, after initial validation trials at the University of Minho, the blocks are in the final testing phase at Iteconst.

Some of the characteristics of the block and construction system:

  • Bio-material;
  • Easy application and handling;
  • Excellent acoustic, thermal and fire resistance properties.
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