About the project

  • Data: December, 2021
  • Cliente: Filstone - Comércio de Rochas, S.A
  • Categoria: ,
  • Localização: Casal Farto, Fátima
Support to the development of solid stone construction, natural and local material. The project involves a multidisciplinary team of different entities to support the development of the project, Natura Matéria, Iteconst and NCREP. Photos by Architect Jérémy Pernet with contribution from Filstone, SA.


The project has been finalised, and a model house made of solid stone blocks of about 80 m2 has been built.

The design of the prototype took into account the following aspects related to aesthetics, sustainability, performance and construction economy:

– a constructive system of rapid assembly and compatible with an industrial scale development solving structural and seismic issues using stone and its properties to the maximum (e.g. avoiding metal reinforcements and concrete whenever possible);

– respect the principles of bioclimatic architecture;

– use the thermal inertia of stone as a passive regulator of indoor thermal comfort;

– use stereotomy and valorise the massiveness and verticality of stone elements;

– use the hygrothermal properties of stone as a passive regulator of the amount of humidity in the dwelling;

– using materials that are preferably natural or have a low environmental impact.

Natura Matéria has contributed to the development of solid stone construction through technical studies, calculations, reports, help in decision-making, help in structuring studies, development of decision-aid tools. It also played a leading role in liaising between entities involved in the project.

Materialised aspects:

– double masonry wall in medium and large solid stone blocks, with metal connection (produced for the project) between wall panels;

– prefabricated floor and roof panels, ensuring rapid execution on site;

– development of passive trombe wall system for heating, cooling and ventilation (not executed);

– floor, wall and roof thermal insulation in black cork agglomerate;

– system of openings in the façade wall for natural ventilation of the air box and the sanitary basement, the latter with air outlet through piping to the roof;

– Near-zero energy NZeb building, with photovoltaic production system for self-consumption (2 KW);

– VMC Double Flux system for air renewal.

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